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All about Vitamin “C”

Do you know? Why most of the skincare products talk about the vitamin c? I know these days Vitamin C has become hot topic because it has so many benefits but sometimes we become confused to understand what actually we need for our skin and how to use it in our daily routine.

Vitamin C can help the skin from many problems like hyper pigmentation, sun burn, wrinkles, sagging, dark spots  and an uneven skin tone. As, vitamin c has antioxidant properties it helps our skin to repair the damaged cells in other words it helps to keep our skin healthy. It is also very helpful to promote the collagen production.

You’ll find Vitamin C in different forms such as: L- ascorbic acid ( which is the most effective type of Vitamin c in the skin care), ascorbyl-6- palmitate and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Moreover, the best way to use vitamin c in your skin routine is in the form of Serums.

As serums are more powerful than toners and creams and it should be applied underneath your moisturizer. Five percent serums are best suited for sensitive skin and after that you can increase the level of concentration upto 20 percent (that is the maximum concentration level), which quickly improves the skin pigmentation and makes it more bright.

Vitamin C serum is suitable for all skin types but still you should do a patch test on yourself before proceeding. If your skin is specially sensitive then avoid products with L-ascorbic acid as it may leave the skin with redness or allergies, try to start with the lower concentration first. If it soothes your skin then start going up for the higher concentration.

 You need a very little amount of drops of it, apply it as a first layer of protection in the morning to gain its benefits

So, here i am going to list few facts about Vitamin C on how it has changed the skincare game and what benefits it provides to our skin.

  • Vitamin C is best known for anti-ageing ingredients in the market
  • Vitamin C can help to reduce the pigmentation and makes the skin surface smooth
  • Vitamin C also proves beneficial in inflammatory skin conditions such as , reduces the redness
  • Vitamin C serum helps in reducing the fine lines and hydrate the under-eye area, thus improves the dark spots
  • Vitamin C serum protects from the sun damage 
  • Vitamin C helps to promote the collagen and antioxidant levels

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