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Should we buy Garnier Wrinkle-Lift anti-ageing cream – Review


Introduction to Garnier Wrinkle-Lift anti-ageing cream

Before buying this Garnier Wrinkle-Lift anti-ageing cream I heard mixed reviews about it. Some people really like it while for some it doesn’t work or worth buying. I thought to give it a shot as i have a normal to dry skin and sometimes my skin feels really dry so I wanted to try this moisturizer. Since then it is my 3 rd bottle right now , I really like it. It is very moisturizing , dry skin people should definitely give it a try. It gives instant plump to my skin which looks really impressive.
The product comes in a white plastic tub; consistency of the cream is neither too thick, nor too thin. It can be used as a day cream or night cream and does not leave the skin with a greasy look. It gives you a little tingyness after application which i really like. Ingredients used in it are quite beneficial for the skin such as Retinol and ginger. Retinol helps to soothe the skin, it reduces the acne spots, blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines.

Garnier Wrinkle-Lift anti-ageing cream for me

Best part is, it’s non-sticky and gets absorbs in my skin very quickly It has a very mild and soothing fragrance.  You can also use this as your night cream as well as you can make it work as your base cream before makeup i do the same and the makeup really last longer.
I am not sure if it works on wrinkles and fine lines as i am not having any wrinkles , i used it as a daily moisturizer. If you are in your late 20’s and you have a dry skin then you should try this one out.


  • great for daily moisturizer
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin
  • It is non-oily and non-greasy
  • It works great under the makeup
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Works longer
  • Makes skin supple and tight


  • Doesn’t suit oily skin
  • Not sure if it really diminishes the wrinkles and fine lines

Price: ₹260/- for 40 gm
₹150 /- for 18 gm

Do let me know guys what you think about this Garnier Wrinkle-Lift anti-ageing cream or if you are thinking to give it a try or not

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